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    Monday, February 26, 2007

    Let's Do The Time Warp Again

    Once again, appologies for the long absence between posts. I've been working with Anish to make sure we get all the promotional material (posters, postcards, press kit, etc.) finished in time for the Festival. It's a familiar feeling. For the past three years, my February has been dominated by preparing for SXSW. Only I've never had Anish to help, and it is making a huge difference. My natural tendency is to slack off and wait until the last minute to do everything, but Anish has an amazing work ethic, and despite traveling around for the Independent Spirit Awards and his other film, I'LL COME RUNNING, he has kept the HANNAH work on time and on track. Pretty incredible.

    Today the posters arrived and they look GREAT! It was such a thrill to pull them out of the tube and see that bright yellow glowing in the sunlight. Expect to see these suckers all over Austin in a week an a half.

    Everyone's flights have been booked, and we're all looking forward to arriving in Austin. Almost everyone who worked on the film will be there at the World Premiere. Very exciting! It will be so fun to have the family together again. The next post will probably be from Austin, unless something really exciting happens in the meantime.


    Kevin has stenciled the screening time on the posters, and it looks really cool!