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    Sunday, July 16, 2006

    The Girls From New York

    We kicked the day off with lunch at a Mexican place. The salsa was hot and Kent couldn't take it. Luckily there were banana milkshakes.

    After some test shooting, Kent and I went to pick up Greta and Ry from the airport. On the way, we discussed the show that the characters in the movie would be developing. You'll have to wait and see what we came up with. I would totally watch it if it were on TV. I called David Lowery with some questions about development, and I'm sure I'll be hitting him up with some more as the production goes on. I'll give him a "Special Advisor" credit in the film.

    We went to dinner and talked about the film. Greta and Ry were on the same flight, and had talked about some ideas for their characters, and I was able to talk with Ry about it even more on our way out to the suburbs after dinner.

    Kevin's dad owns an ice cream shop in Naperville, IL called COOKIE DOUGH CREATIONS and we stopped in for an overload of free ice cream. We were joined by my little brother Mike (on the left), Ivan Albertson, and Kris.

    We start shooting tomorrow. Send good vibes.


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