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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    Kicked In The Balls

    We shot a great scene on the beach this afternoon, then Mark, Greta, Kevin, Tipper, Kris and I went swimming and played some of the best frisbee of my life. It was really easy to make diving catches in the water.

    We came home and had dinner and I put the scene together. Everyone watched it and then we headed out into the suburbs to go to Cookie Dough Creations.

    Mark had his first Cookie Dough experience tonight. It was great to introduce a new person to the dream. Much ice cream was consumed and enjoyed.

    Kevin had to clean the store before we left, so we went outside to play a new game called "Kicked In The Balls." The game is about trying to have the best reaction to being kicked in the balls. I believe Mark won with the reaction below:

    Now everyone is playing Breakout because Andrew set a new record. Mark, Kevin, and Kent have vowed to stay awake until they beat it.

    Tomorrow is Mark's last day of shooting and we have 2 scenes to finish with him. It's a bummer that he has to leave so soon, but he's a busy man.


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