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    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    Movie House

    We keep referring to the apartment as "The Movie House," so I assume the name will stick. Kevin moved in today. Of course the first thing we did was make sure the internet was working. He had to call the provider to figure out how to log in to the wireless network. There was an easy solution, so the blogging will continue with no problems during the production.

    Then we went shopping to get some food for Kevin and some supplies for the house. I'm going to wait until everyone's here on Sunday to do the main shopping, but we definitely needed some things. Kevin likes to cook his meals from scratch, so he got lots of vegetables and spices.

    My goal tomorrow is to finish moving everything into the place, and to get some addition things to dress the apartment. Kevin brought one thing with him to hang on the wall. It's a weird poster he found in Italy. It has traveled with him around the world, and it has exactly the colors I want to use as the main scheme for the movie.


    Greta said...

    We also keep calling the shooting process "Camp." I think that should stick, too. We're going to Camp and bunk in the Movie House.

    3:23 PM  

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