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    Monday, July 31, 2006

    The Office

    We wrapped with Mark Duplass today. We shot his two final scenes and in the morning he's heading for the airport. It's really sad to have him go. So far we have only added people to the movie. This is the first time we're losing someone.

    While we were shooting Mark's first scene, Kent and Andrew were at the office location getting things in order. Today was our first day at the office, and we wanted it to look great.

    Kris, Ivan, and Tipper came out to play office workers in the scene and they were all great. Kris and Tipper got to have a quick scene with Mark, but Ivan's role was pretty thankless. Hopefully we can find more for him to do.

    We wanted to do something fun for Mark's last night, so we all went out for burgers and fries after the shoot. Andrew and Greta realized there was a jukebox, so they DJ'ed the last part of the night.

    Mr. Duplass, you were great. We will miss you.


    RASPYMAIL said...

    Met some of the cast and crew yesterday ... what a talented group! This movie is going to be awesome!

    1:13 PM  
    RASPYMAIL said...

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    1:15 PM  

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