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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    Silent J

    Greta and I got Andrew from the airport yesterday morning and brought him back to the movie house. Being a vegetarian, he immediately started eating grass and other green things.

    Kevin made a delicious salad, and we introduced Andrew to "Breakout," the game that has occupied our lives for the past few days. We created a score sheet and Andrew has slowly been creeping up it.

    We all went over to the office location to figure out how we should dress the set, and Kent entertained us with stories of Paris Hilton.

    Andrew and Kevin started talking about Rock 'n' Roll McDonalds so we all decided to head over there for french fries. It was creepy and none of us really liked it, but we had to order some food to get our parking validated.

    The grocery store was the next stop, to pick up party supplies. We were shooting a party scene at Kris's apartment, which is serving as Andrew's (Paul's) in the movie. We needed beer, chips, and dip. Mission Accomplished.

    The scene was great. Everyone was hilarious. It was hot as hell though, and we were happy to be finished. Greta practically melted away, and she fell asleep on the sidewalk outside of the apartment afterward.

    We have to pick up office supplies and shoot a beach scene today.


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