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    Tuesday, July 18, 2006


    Today was a great day. I couldn't be more happy. We all had breakfast together and talked about some ideas for a scene. Ry's character, Rocco, is a musician, so she spent some time practicing her guitar.

    It's usually brutally hot here in the apartment, but today it was nice and cool. This was disconcerting, because we were shooting a scene in which it was supposed to be unbearably hot. I sent Greta and Ry out to walk around in the heat and build up a sweat. They ended up getting coffee and disappearing for over an hour. Kent amused Kevin and I while we set up, and when the girls returned, we started shooting the scene.

    I was blown away by the performances. Greta and Ry are incredible together and they created an amazing scene between their characters. I'm so thrilled. I can't wait to shoot more with them tomorrow.

    Since Kent isn't acting in any of these scenes, he has become the default crew person, but he's doing a great job, even taking additional stills and helping me with the HD monitor. I really love the energy we have going. Everyone is getting along and having fun together, and each day seems exciting and full of possibilities. It's exactly the environment I wanted to create for this film, and I'm so excited that it's a reality.

    1 Comments: said...

    GO GET EM GUYS!!!! This is the single movie I'm most excited to see...after SNAKES ON A PLANE! Looks like the Swanberg mojo is in full effect!

    10:22 PM  

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