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    Sunday, July 23, 2006

    Sweating It

    We spent a lot of time today trying to make Kent look hot and sweaty. A week ago he would have been sweating buckets naturally, but the weather got really nice, and now we're faking it.

    We got a nice sequence with Kent's character, Matt, trying to cool off.

    Greta gets back tonight, so we wanted to do some shopping and get the place ready for her return. Over the course of the week, we pretty much devoured everything edible in the place.

    We're now fully stocked again, and ready for the coming week. It's been really fun to eat together and have Kevin cook us meals. It's better than going out to eat. Meal time is definitely one of the things I'm going to miss the most when the movie's finished.

    I got a nice surpise today when Kent bought the New York Times and I accidentally stumbled upon an article that I had done an interview for about a month ago. I had forgotten about it, and I was reading the article, and suddenly I was reading my name and they were talking about YOUNG AMERICAN BODIES, the show Kris and I are doing for It was a surreal experience. Kent and Kevin were both really excited, and told me that the NY Times is a big deal and lots of people would read the article. That's exciting. Here a link to the online version of the article.


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