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    Friday, July 21, 2006

    Thunder and Lightning

    We all woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of thunder and lightning. The house was rocking from a really big storm, and Kent noticed water coming in through the windows. He snuck into Greta's room to close her window, and she woke up to the sight of him standing there in his underwear. We all had a good laugh in the morning.

    We got off to a late start today, so we all went out for brunch. It was great to spend the afternoon hanging out and talking. Greta was looking for a particular CD as a gift for someone, so we drove all over town trying to find it. We didn't. But Kent found an electronic picture frame that displays digital pictures in a slideshow, so we played with that when we got home.

    We all tried to watch several movies, but we kept having DVD player problems, so I went with Kris and Kent to Target and bought a new one. I needed one anyway. By the time I got home, nobody wanted to watch a movie. Instead we shot another scene. We didn't have an solid ideas, but we just started rolling and it turned out totally great. I'm in awe of Greta and Ry and the way they play off of each other. It's magic. Throw Kent Osborne into the mix and it's a recipe for awkward comic gold. I'm really thrilled with how all of the scenes are turning out.

    I'm managing to stay on top of the footage and edit a lot of it as we shoot. Working with the HD technology has been really great. The images are some of the best that I've ever shot and getting it into Final Cut is a breeze. I'm totally sold on the new workflow. This Panasonic camera with P2 cards and a P2 store is really great. This is definitely now my favorite way to make movies. The same goes for having a lot of cool people in a house together. It's a dream.


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