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    Monday, July 17, 2006

    White Balancing On Mozzarella

    We shot some footage today, but we spent most of our time getting the apartment ready to go. It was hard to shoot around stuff, so I let Greta and Ry spend some time getting their rooms ready. They went to the Salvation Army and the dollar store and now we're ready to go.

    We also had to go get some food. Kevin needed a lot of ingredients for some of the meals he wants to cook, so we hit up some grocery stores. Along the way, a guy was backing out of his parking spot and he totally ran into my car with all of us inside. He wasn't looking, and we all just kind of watched it happen. It left a scrape and dent along the side of my car. It's not a problem, and his insurance will take care of it.

    The much bigger accident of the day was the terrible blueberry spill when we got home. Kent was really looking forward to some blueberries, and when we opened the back hatch on my wagon, a bag tipped and fell out, spilling the blueberries out into the street. We all cried.

    As I write this, Kevin is in the kitchen hard at work on dinner. We're all tired from the heat, and looking forward to relaxing. We're going to watch MUTUAL APPRECIATION tonight and dream of the day that Andrew arrives.

    Our best goes out to Spencer Parsons, who started shooting his first feature today as well. Kick ass!


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