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    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    Missing Pieces

    We are at the point in the production where we are filling in the last remaining holes. There are only a few scenes and shots to get, and we got three of them today. It was a great day of work. We spent more time talking about mortality and friendship than we did shooting, but the discussions benefited the scenes in a big way.

    I'm growing extremely fond of long, uninterrupted takes. It's something I never thought I would say. I should be clear, these are not just long shots with a camera sitting on a tripod and people talking. I only really like them when I can follow the actors around and react to what's happening. But it's been a great new challenge to see how much of a scene I can capture on the fly, in one shot. This film will probably be longer than KISSING ON THE MOUTH and LOL, but I'm fairly certain it will have less cuts than both films.

    Tomorrow marks the end of the hard stuff. We're shooting the only remaining dialogue scene with Kent and Greta. After that it's just a few loose shots and some addition work for the soundtrack. Kevin needs to get samples of Kent and Greta playing their trumpets for his score.

    We went to see TALLADEGA NIGHTS. I was really hoping for something good, but I was totally unimpressed. Not even Sacha Baron Cohen could save it for me. Kent, Kevin, and Greta liked it, but their judgement is not to be trusted.


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