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    Friday, August 04, 2006

    Office Drones

    Greta received a birthday package from her parents yesterday and she celebrated by doing a little tap routine for everyone.

    Spending our days shooting at the office location is starting to feel like work. It's strange how much the environment affects our perception of things. Being under flourencent lights with very few windows really takes it out of me. On the plus side, we are getting amazing material.

    Todd Rohal blew our minds again with his Brian Duges character. He continues to pull craziness out of his brain and make us laugh during every take.

    Andrew pulled out another round of pants tricks, getting those suckers so high on his stomach that he started talking like he swallowed helium.

    We shot some really great scenes with Greta and Andrew at the end of the day. It was fun. There was nervous energy and excitement and the footage looks great. I also shot some prom-style pictures with the two of them.

    Greta's downtown now getting her passport stuff in order. It's her birthday today, so Kevin and Andrew are heading to the store to get some party food. We're going to have a cookout in the backyard and dance to Baltimore club beats.

    In the meantime, more office stuff to shoot.


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