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    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    Best Birthday Ever

    I'm home from my trip to NY. I had a totally amazing birthday week. It was great to get away from life for a while, see lots of friends, promote various projects, and feel like part of a great filmmaking community. But the whole week felt a little incomplete, because I didn't get to see Greta. I was really looking forward to spending time with her and showing her the movie, but she was trapped in Scotland. With each passing day, it became more and more apparent that I wasn't going to see her. The day before I was set to leave, I got an email from her confirming that she wasn't getting home until around the same time I was leaving. I was bummed. I wrote her back saying that we were just going to miss each other, explaining that my flight was out of Newark in the afternoon.

    I got an email from her the next morning saying that she was landing in Newark approximately 50 minutes before my flight was set to leave and that she was going to try and come find me. I thought it was sweet, but I figured I would already be on the flight before she got through customs and picked up her baggage. It made it even sadder that we would be so close and still miss each other.

    On the train into New Jersey my phone rang and it was Greta. She said that her phone was almost out of batteries but that she was at the airport and she was going to try and get through customs as fast as she could. I told her I was flying AirTran if she wanted to try and find me. Then her phone died.

    I got to the airport about 15 minutes before my flight and realized that I wasn't going to catch it. I went to the counter and luckily there was another non-stop flight to Chicago a few hours later. I was able to get a seat on it, and I tried to call Greta to tell her that I was going to be in the airport for a while, but her phone was dead, so I got her voicemail, which was full. It was now about 10 minutes before my original flight was supposed to leave, and with her phone dead, I figured she would just head home, accepting that we weren't going to see each other.

    I was looking around the terminal, trying to figure out where I would go to kill time, and suddenly I saw her, frantic look on her face, making her way through people, trying to find me. I shouted out her name, and she heard me, but didn't know where the voice was coming from. Finally she saw me and we gave each other a huge hug. She still didn't know that I was on a later flight, so she was looking really anxious, but I told her that we actually had some time to hang out, so we went and got food at T.G.I.Fridays in the airport.

    It was the best possible ending to my trip. We spent about 2 hours hanging out, and it was totally great. She told me all about Scotland and I told her all about my week in NY and the experience finally felt complete. This is the second time that Greta and I have hung out on borrowed time. It's becoming a theme. It's great. I hope it keeps happening. I got this picture of her as I stood in line to go through security.

    I miss Chris Wells, Aaron Katz, Michael Tully and Kark Jacobs, my NY crew.


    David Lowery said...

    You need to turn this journal entry into a short film.

    3:13 PM  
    kent said...

    did you guys have some riblets?

    2:11 AM  

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