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    Saturday, September 30, 2006


    The above photo was taken from Kent Osborne's back porch in Los Angeles, CA. I've been in LA for the past few days visiting Kent and showing HANNAH to some of my friends out here.

    Here's an artist's rendering of Kent's home theatre. He has a projector and this wall area where he shows movies. It's great.

    We had the first screening on Wednesday night, when I arrived. Mark Duplass came over to see it, because he was leaving for his friend's wedding the next morning. We also had Ti West and Dave Fenster in the house. Kent's friend Garreth, who is living with him at the moment, was present as well.

    It was really great to show the film to Kent and Mark. Now the only cast members who still need to see it are Andrew and Todd, and hopefully they'll both be able to see it next week when I'm in NY and Boston.

    The next morning Kent and I got up early to go act in a short film that his friend was making. We played 1950's art students who get all crazy when they see a nude model.

    After that we went and got our haircuts together. We figured it would be the funniest thing we could do.

    Here's where we spend a lot of our time. At the kitchen table, checking MySpace and email.

    Tonight we went to see my friend, Lee Lynch, perform with his band, Fireworks, in Chinatown. It was amazing, and I'm glad I was invited to the show. That's Lee singing, and Dave Fenster is on the far right shooting the performance. I met Lee in August when his film, TRANSPOSITION OF THE GREAT VESSELS, played at the Chicago Underground Film Festival. We had friends in common, and he needed a place to stay, so he crashed with me in the Movie House for a few days.

    This trip to Los Angeles has been really fun and inspiring. I've seen a lot of friends and been reminded of just how great and exciting American cinema is right now. I can't wait to come back out here again some time.


    kent said...

    why does my head look bigger than yours? i thought you were going to go with the kissing pic? what the hell?

    3:07 AM  
    RegularKarate said...

    Just read about your shorts being used for the SXSW festival trailers. Glad they went with something good instead of the IFC trailers they were using last year.

    9:19 AM  

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