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    Friday, September 01, 2006


    I'm in NY right now, and have been for the past week, for the theatrical release of LOL. There are still three more NY screenings (tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday night at 9PM) if you want to check it out. It's at the Pioneer Theatre.

    I was supposed to go home on Monday, but I extended my trip so that I could attend the MUTUAL APPRECIATION release party last night. It also happened to be my 25th birthday, so I was excited to spend it with Andrew and Ry and to have a sort of HANNAH mini-reunion.

    I was able to show Ry the rough cut of the film while I was here, which was exciting and great. She's the first member of the movie family to see it, and she really liked it, so I'm dying to show it to everyone else over the next few weeks.

    I was able to spend a lot of time with Chris Wells over the course of the week, which was great. We hung out so much last summer making LOL that it was weird to not really see him much this year. I feel like we made up for lost time during this trip. As you can see from the picture, we have decided to be a couple and try out the long distance thing.

    I also spent some great days and nights hanging out with Aaron Katz (in Chicago last week and here in NY this week). Aaron made the film DANCE PARTY USA, which was my favorite film at SXSW this year. He's working on something new and I'm really excited about it. In the meantime, check out his food blog, Things I Eat, which he promises to update soon.

    I'm heading back to Chicago in a few hours, where I will get back to work completing the movie. Kevin is almost finished with the music, and we need to work on the titles, sound mix, and color correction. I can't wait to put the finishing touches on it and start trying to get it out into the world.


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