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    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    Dante's Inferno

    I left the cold of Chicago for the beautiful of Austin yesterday, and here I am back in Chicago today. I popped down there for a night to show off the "almost final cut" of HANNAH to a bunch of friends at the Austin Film Society screening room.

    Since my last post, Kevin has moved down to Austin, so he picked me up from the airport when I got into town. We went over to his friend Virginia's place, where I also met her cat, Dante.

    We walked to Spider Lounge for lunch, where VA and I surfed the free wireless. I tried repeatedly to get Kent Osborne on video chat, but it wasn't happening. His connection at Disney seemed to be having some issues. Eventually we gave up.

    The screening was a great success, with lots of really good friends in attendance. The reaction to the film was exactly what I was hoping for, and I got some great feedback that I can use to make my final adjustments.

    A great big group of us went out to dinner after the screening, where we spent the rest of the night talking about how exciting everything is. There are so many good vibes in this little film world right now. There's so much to be happy about.

    Bryan Poyser offered Kevin and I a place to crash. Kevin found an apartment yesterday, but he wasn't able to move in yet. We did a quick photo session to document our fun sleepover, then we all went to bed.

    Kevin and I met up with Matt Dentler this morning at El Chilito, one of my favorite Austin restaurants. We got coffee and talked about the SXSW Festival Trailers that I did this summer. Kevin will be writing the music for the trailers so we wanted to get everything figured out and set a timeline to have it all finished.

    Kevin took me back to the airport and now I'm home in Chicago. Almost exactly 24 hours in Austin. What a great trip. In less than 2 weeks I go to New York to do the final sound mix and color correct for the film and I will definitely be documenting that process.


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