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    Friday, November 17, 2006

    Looking Good

    Last night I hit up Ry Russo-Young's birthday party. It was a blast, and it was really nice to see Ry again. It's been a while. Good things are happening for her first feature, ORPHANS, and I'm really excited for her.

    We finished up the color correction today, and Jay Van Hoy swung by to take a look at the movie. It was nice to have someone see the final version with the color correction. I can't believe how good it looks. I'm really thrilled to show this final version to people.

    Yohance Brown, our colorist, did a great job and was really fun to work with.

    Anish was with me every step of the way, making sure I was happy with the process and the results. It's been fun to spend 3 days in a dark room with Anish looking at the movie. I think we're both going a little crazy.

    Tomorrow morning I'll head into Williamsburg to finish the sound mix. Then I'm hoping to go over to Dia Sokol's house to hang out and possibly talk about the next movie, NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS, which I start shooting in 10 days.


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