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    Friday, March 16, 2007

    Hannah Takes SXSW!


    First and foremost, thanks to Matt Dentler for going so far out of his way to make this an amazing experience. He has been incredibly supportive since the beginning, but this year he really put us front and center, and it felt great.

    Last year Chris Wells and Greta were answering questions about their relationship for LOL. This year Chris was back to support HANNAH and QUIET CITY (where he makes a brief appearance) and check out some other films for IFC.

    Kris and I were so excited to be back for the third year in a row.

    On Saturday morning we made a visit to the Austin Movie Show, where Jegar Erickson hosts as many filmmakers as possible. Each year I go to SXSW, they have a nicer set and a more professional set up. I always look forward to it. Kent and Todd had to sit like little kids on the floor and they got the giggles.

    That night saw us back at the hotel room engaged in a Blokus tournament.

    The tournament was cut short by the late hour, but will be resumed at the next festival.

    Sunday night we gathered at the Paramount for the World Premiere of the film. This was the big moment. It's fun to look back at the journal entries from July and see that it was all leading up to this. We couldn't believe how many people came out to see the film.

    This is what it looked like inside. There was also a balcony full of people. There were over 1,000 people there! It was really amazing.

    There was a HANNAH/ORPHANS party afterwards, where we all danced and hung out with good friends. It felt great to celebrate with all the people who helped make the film so special. We felt a lot of love coming from Austin and the Festival. Kevin celebrated by lighting fireworks in the rain.

    On Tuesday, ORPHANS and FROWNLAND were given awards at the ceremony, and we all got together for one last time at the Closing Night party. Here's a little montage of some of the great people I saw that night.

    Please check out Kent's Blog for more photos and videos from this amazing week.


    Charlotte said...

    Hi! This is Sekkoia, the publisher of Blokus. I hope the film was a great success at SXSW. Thanks a lot for mentioning Blokus on your blog!!
    Is there any chance I could get a picture of the team playing Blokus? I'd be glad to mention Hannah Takes the Stairs on our new website! (due for launch at the end of July 07)
    Best to all,

    7:02 AM  

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