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    Friday, March 30, 2007

    The Illustrated Mumblecore

    Aaron Hillis, one the director's behind the fabulous FISH KILL FLEA, decided to take out his pen and illustrate the interconnectedness of what is being dubbed the "Mumblecore," a term that Andrew Bujalski started spreading around in interviews following SXSW 2005, where KISSING ON THE MOUTH, THE PUFFY CHAIR, MUTUAL APPRECIATION and FOUR EYED MONSTERS all played.

    Well here we are, two years later, having all worked together on at least one project, and with many new friends in the mix. Looking at this chart makes me really happy to know so many amazing people. I also know that as more lines of interconnectedness get added between the people already present on this chart, it will continue to grow with new names, and that's the most exciting aspect of it.


    Sean said...

    Can't wait to see some sweet mumblecore at the screening tonight for the IFFB!

    3:49 PM  
    Steve said...

    I love how everyone is connected, I saw Hannah at the Independent Film Festival of Boston tonight and I loved it and was really inspired that you just all lived in an apartment and made this movie. It's really inspiring for a film student like myself.

    8:55 PM  

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